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Siamese Cats UK - Destrier Cats
Kitten Information
Secure, Happy and Social Kittens

Our kittens are brought up in a happy secure environment, where they can play with other cats and kittens and they get handled, by kids and adults on a daily basis.

They are also accustomed to dogs and general household noises, such as the hover. (this can be rather scary for kittens, who are not used to noise and affect them during senstive times)

Kittens go through sensitive periods, which means if something bad, upsetting or disturbing happens to them when they are young, it can affect them for the rest of their lives. thats why it is important they are brought up in the right environment.

Kitten Choice advice

When considering a kitten, please consider your kittens health, temperment and ensure s/he is not too inbred as this can lead to problems and doesnt support healthy breeding. Be wary of under priced cats and look for ethincal breeders who follow TICA and GCCF standards. Kittens should be healthy, come with papers and fully vaccinated.

My policy

All kittens are registered with the TICA on the non active register, unless otherwise agreed. All non active cats are to be neutered by the age of 6mths and not used for breeding. I reserve the right to reprocess the cat should this occur.

(Pet or show homes only unless agreed before)

Kittens will be no younger than 12 weeks of age, as recommended with TICA and GCCF. Usually they go to their new homes at 13-14 weeks.

Deposits of 100 used to secure kittens are non refundable. No cash refunds, alternative kitten offered in replacement, which is the same or better quality. I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten if I feel the home is unsuitable.

I will only sell kittens, which are well balanced, socialised and in good health. I cannot guarantee a cats health once s/he has left us, however the kitten will be vet checked, insured and I will be available for advice. I also will advise of any known problems, should there be any at the time of sale.

Each kitten will be litter trained and taught general manners and house trained- thats not to say they will carry it on in your home, thats up to you.

All kittens come with 4 weeks free insurance with Petplan.

Kittens are wormed regularly, frontlined (preventative flea treatment) and fully vaccinated against Feline RCP and Chlamyidia, before they go to their new homes. Microchipping is available at extra cost, if required, I usually advise new owners to get it done as soon as they collect the cat so that they are vet checked again after purchase.

I use Trigene Advance & Safe 4 Disinfectants as part of routine cleaning. The premises are treated with effective preventative.

I will provide free insurance, Kitten pack and vaccination certificate, along with your kittens registration certificate and 5 generation pedigree certificate.

Kittens sold for breeding and or show will be to the best of my knowledge. I cannot guarantee success.

I am available for advice after the kittens have gone to new homes and I am always happy to hear how they are doing in their new homes.

If for any reason the kitten is not suitable for you or circumstances change. It is in my policy that I will take the cat back or help find a suitable home, without reimbursement as it will cost me to re-home and keep the cat. I am available for a chat anytime, feel free to call or email me, please leave a message and I will get back to you.

I welcome any letters or pictures of kittens in new homes, I may also host them on this site.

Thank you

Kelly Cruse of Destrier Cats
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