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Siamese Cats UK - Destrier Cats
Siamese Cats UK - Destrier Cats
About us
My prefix is Destrier: Latin word for on the right side. Used in medieval times when the knights most precious thing was his war horse the Destrier.

Just a bit of information about myself. If you haven't already gathered I'm totally mad about cats & love Siamese and Orientals. I have been breeding Siamese cats for a few years now and have a house full of animals!

My cats are first and foremost pets and secondary wonderful breeders, who all love bringing up their kittens as much as I do. I breed cats as my hobby and work on websites during the day from home. (I spend all my money on the cats, so need some other form of income!)

All my cats live indoors and have access to outside during the summer months in the garden. They all live together as a pack and help raise the kittens. I have heated stud pens which is close to the house for surveillance and a big open summerhouse with scratching posts and play toys for my cats to go in during the day time for variety and fun. The kittens are raised indoors and learn and get used to household noises and can be very well socialised.

I live in Plymouth and stay at home with my Cats, so i am in most days, but not always available to take call or answer emails straight away as i can be pretty busy with the cats. This way I get plenty of time to fuss over them and allow my Son and Dogs to interact with them, so they are very well socialised. I also design and host websites and put this website together myself, any enquiries welcome for web design or hosting.

If you would like to call for a chat or are interested in any of my kittens or studs feel free to contact me.

Best Wishes

Kelly Cruse
Siamese Cats UK - Destrier Cats
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